How to get to Borean Tundra in WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic

The Frozen Wastes of Northrend are calling.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

When WoW: Classic players first begin their travels on the icy continent of Northrend, they’ll be posed with a choice between two starting zones: the Howling Fjord and the Borean Tundra. Unlike the launch of WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic, players won’t have to flood through a portal into one particular subregion of a zone. Instead, the starting experience for players of both factions will be far more spread out across the new continent. 

The Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra are two very different zones thematically, but both will provide players with ample experience gains throughout the Wrath Classic leveling process. If you’re into exploring rolling hills with ample viking themes, the Howling Fjord should appeal to you, but if fighting off cryptic Scourge monsters in the icy snow interests you, the Borean Tundra will certainly be more your speed.

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The Borean Tundra is a hotspot for some of Northrend’s early quests and is a popular destination for players representing the Alliance and Horde. Here’s how to get to the Borean Tundra in Wrath Classic.


Alliance players can get to the Borean Tundra by taking a boat there. The boat to Borean Tundra makes a round-trip stop at the Stormwind City Harbor every few minutes, giving Alliance players safe passage across the Great Sea. The Borean Tundra boat looks slightly different from traditional Alliance boats, with its hull coated in steel and a griffin head at its bow. The boat to Borean Tundra stops at the dock at the far north end of Stormwind Harbor.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment


Horde players can get to Borean Tundra via a zeppelin just outside Orgrimmar. When leaving Orgrimmar’s main gate, make a right turn and head west until you come across a zeppelin tower. If you’re unsure of which zeppelin tower you’re supposed to be at in order to reach the Borean Tundra, a goblin named Greeb Ramrocket will be standing before the zeppelin port that leads to the Borean Tundra.