Echo finish smooth reclear to remeet Liquid on The Jailer in WoW Race to World First

They had fewer wipes than Liquid on their way back to The Jailer.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Defending World First champions Echo had a swift reclear of Sepulcher of the First Ones today following the region’s weekly reset to get back to the instance’s final boss, The Jailer, during the Race to World First.

World of Warcraft raids reset every week, and during the Race to World First, a guild’s ability to quickly down bosses that they previously took out the week before plays a vital role in being able to continue their progression. 

The weekly reset in WoW is different based on what region you are in. Today, EU had theirs, but yesterday was when North America had its reset. Following the NA weekly reset, Echo’s toughest competition for this RWF, Team Liquid, knocked out their reclear by one-shotting more than half the bosses in the instance.

While Echo only took down four bosses on their first attempt, it took them fewer attempts overall to reclear the instance. Though Anduin Wrynn served as a small hurdle for Liquid, requiring 11 attempts, Echo took down the former Alliance leader in just three attempts.

Given their slight weekly reset time disadvantage, Echo are still in a position to make this a highly competitive race to kill The Jailer. So far, Liquid have pulled the boss 93 times with a best pull of 53 percent. Echo are just behind them with a best pull of 76 percent after just 64 attempts.

Echo historically are known for taking more time in between kill attempts to discuss strategy, especially on the final bosses of a RWF. Liquid tend to veer toward embodying the adage “practice makes perfect,” preferring to get more repetitions on bosses to maintain a sense of flow in their progression.

Given the difficulty of Sepulcher of the First Ones to this point, The Jailer will likely take each guild well more than 100 attempts, and perhaps 200 or more. As both guilds vie for the title of World First, expect this race to last another day or so, maybe even leaking into the weekend.

Here is the number of attempts it took Echo to reclear each boss:

  • Vigilant Guardian – One
  • Skolex – One
  • Dausegne – One
  • Artificer Xy’mox – Four
  • Prototype Pantheon – One
  • Lihuvim – Two
  • Halondrus the Reclaimer – Two
  • Anduin Wrynn – Three
  • Lords of Dread – Three
  • Rygelon – Three