Blizzard rolling out buffs to Evokers, Priests, and others with next weekly WoW Dragonflight reset

Some last-minute season one buffs are incoming, particularly for certain Healers.

Dracthyr Evoker flying over the Forbidden Reach
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Blizzard is giving a power increase to certain classes with the next WoW Dragonflight weekly reset. When servers reset on April 11, three Healing specs, two DPS specs, and one tank are being buffed in PvE content. 

The most notable changes in the upcoming reset are being doled out to Priests, as Discipline will have its healing throughput increased, while Holy Priests will have their damage output upped. Discipline Priests in particular will see a massive boost to their numbers, with the shield strength of Power Word: Shield being increased, as well as the mana costs of PWS, Renew, and Power Word: Radiance all being decreased. These changes should relieve some of the pressure that Discipline Priests have felt during lengthy, demanding encounters, particularly in Mythic+ dungeons.  

Preservation Evokers are also being hit with a buff, despite already being one of the most popular and effective choices for Healers in the current season. The spec is getting a three percent buff to all of its healing abilities, while Living Flame’s healing output is being targeted with a 15 percent buff. One of Preservation’s most visually noticeable spells, Resonating Sphere, will now apply Echo to five allies instead of four, making it even more optimized for Mythic+ runs and close-stacking raid encounters. 

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The only Healing spec scheduled to receive a nerf during the next reset will be Restoration Shaman, which is getting a hefty 5.5 percent nerf to all of its healing throughput. 

Beyond Healers, other specs getting a buff come next week include two Druid specs—Balance and Guardian—as well as Unholy Death Knight. Unholy has been one of the most popular DPS options at the professional level of Mythic+, although it’s play-rate hasn’t translated well to standard play, as it’s only the seventh-most popular Melee DPS spec in the game, according to WoW stats site

The buffs to Unholy next week will include raw damage boosts to Raise Dead, Army of the Dead, Soul Reaper, and Gargoyle Strike, among others. In total, seven of the spec’s abilities are receiving damage increases next reset. 

These changes are expected to go live when WoW servers reset next week. Servers will reset on Tuesday, April 11 in North America, and on Wednesday, April 12 in Europe.


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