Blizzard buffs underperforming Shards of Domination set bonuses after community backlash over latest hotfix

They reverted the planned nerfs and instead buffed up the set bonuses to be equally powerful.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard deployed another hotfix targetting underperforming Shard of Domination set bonuses after the community’s backlash to proposed nerfs a couple of days ago.

The set bonus nerfs were applied without an official hotfix, varying from 17 to 50 percent. The decision upset players, who spent a considerable amount of time and effort into acquiring a certain set. In the latest hotfix, Blizzard boosted the Blood Set bonus damage and healing effects by 20 percent at all ranks, while the Frost Set bonus damage and healing stored increased by 45 percent. These buffs should help keep the underperforming set bonuses in line with the Unholy set bonus, the most prevalent since its release.

The community seemed to react positively to the changes. Players who already have an Unholy set won’t feel the impact of the adjustment, since the sets are already strong,. Those who got Blood or Frost sets while they were underperforming can to enjoy the latest content without suffering a huge DPS loss if they didn’t roll the gear they needed for the Unholy set bonus. This is usually a rare approach, with Blizzard bringing down overperforming abilities or specializations instead of buffing others up to be in line with them.

It’s unclear if any other changes are in the works for the SoD set bonuses, but the community doesn’t seem to like the RNG required to obtain a set. There are many factors at play, and many are expecting Blizzard to implement tested approaches. An example from previous expansion could be a vendor that would sell a currency that would let players pick up their desired pieces without relying on RNG.

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