3 important changes to keep in mind at the start of WoW Dragonflight season 2

Be well-prepared for week of May 9!

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As you’re adding the finishing touches to your preparation for Patch 10.1 and the second World of Warcraft season, Blizzard Entertainment has shared three important changes you need to keep in mind at the start of next season.

To make the transition into the second season of World of Warcraft smooth for everyone, Blizzard will decrease your Mythic+ key level by nine, switch up how the Great Vault works, and tinker with the Revival Catalyst.

So, here’s the overview of these three important changes that will surely play a huge role in your fresh Mythic+ experience.

Your Mythic+ keys will be decreased by nine levels at the beginning of season two

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When Dragonflight season two officially starts on May 9, the Mythic+ keystone you’ll get from the Great Vault after the weekly reset will be reduced by nine levels. For example, if you timed a level 19 Mythic+ dungeon, you’ll get a level 10 keystone. But, if you didn’t time that run, you’ll get a level nine keystone. 

The new and improved Revival Catalyst opens on June 13

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The Revival Catalyst for Dragonflight season two will open on June 13 and it will work slightly differently than in the first season. When it first opens, all players will get one charge for every character they have. While converting your regular gear to tier gear, you won’t need any additional currency like you used to need during Shadowlands season three. 

In addition to this, season one gear can still be converted to tier gear, namely for transmog purposes. This feature will be cost-free and you won’t need to accumulate any charges to obtain this gear. The feature, however, won’t be available from May 9 to June 13 since the Revival Catalyst won’t take any orders during this time and will be disabled.

The Great Vault is expanding in season two

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In Dragonflight season two, the Great Vault will change, but only for raid slots. Once Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible releases, killing a single boss in the raid will mean you have a chance to get loot from previous bosses. For example, if you only kill the last boss of the raid, Sarkareth, you won’t only see the loot from that boss in your vault, but you might also encounter loot from the previous eight bosses during the weekly reset. 

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