Wild Rift player shows how to casually steal Rift Herald with Orianna

The opposing team had no idea what was coming for them.

Image via Riot Games

A Wild Rift player recently shared a video that shows how you can sneakily steal a Rift Herald with Orianna and get away with your life.

After noticing that the opposing mid laner was missing, Orianna decided to walk toward the top lane to assist their ally in case of a gank. Suddenly, they found their opponent and the enemy jungler trying to take the Rift Herald.

With a clean Shockwave combo, Orianna stole the Rift Herald and flashed away to safety. With the opponents having their flashes on cooldown, the heist was a success that resulted in no casualties.

Wild Rift, the mobile clone of League of Legends, was made available to more regions recently. With a huge influx of new players, more highlight clips are being shared by players.

While the core idea of the game is the same, some abilities went through a few changes. In this case, Orianna’s ball has a self-targeting system to help players land their abilities just like in the League PC counterpart. But more experienced players can target the ball direction by themselves to ensure that they can combo the correct targets.

If you want to experience the mobile version of League, you can try it out for free by downloading Wild Rift from either Google Play or the App Store.

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