New Blood Moons skins available now in Wild Rift

Five skins entered the shop.

Screengrab via Riot Games

A new batch of skins from the Blood Moon line was released in League of Legends: Wild Rift, Riot Games revealed earlier today. They can be purchased separately in the shop, or bought as a mega-pack for 6,285 Wild Cores (around $60), which includes all the skins, also including unowned champions and other bonuses.

While Jhin, Diana, and Twisted Fate skins cost 990 Wild Cores each, Kennen and Yasuo’s are cheaper with a price of 725 Wild Cores. Currently featured in the shop, they’ll remain available in the Skins tab permanently.

First released several years ago, the Blood Moon skin line features 19 skins in League, sporting traditional Japanese-styled masks with white and red as dominant colors.

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The versions in the mobile game stayed true to the original design without adding new features. Since it’s a popular skin line, there’s no doubt more of them will be introduced in Wild Rift in the future, and many players are already requesting more of them.

Wild Rift‘s first season still has 41 days to go. The Wild Pass features 65 tiers to complete with rewards for both free and premium versions, as well as seasonal and daily missions to complete and earn more XP.

This week’s free champions rotation also offers interesting characters to try out, specifically the recently-released Rengar and Kha’zix, who entered the Rift with a themed event to wreak havoc in the jungle.