XQc says “washed-up CS:GO pros” who try their luck at VALORANT will ultimately quit

The streamer thinks abilities may prove to be too much of a departure for some CS:GO players.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Several pro gamers have volunteered to start a career in Riot Games’ VALORANT, but some of them might not adapt to the changes, according to xQc.

The streamer tweeted a general jab at some CS:GO players who may consider migrating to VALORANT earlier today. He thinks some pros won’t be able to handle the added mechanics on the upcoming FPS, such as abilities and resurrection.

“Hot take: All the washed up CS:GO ‘pros’ will try to go pro in VALORANT like they did in Overwatch then complain about rez, shields and that the game revolves around more than simply shooting a gun and ultimately quit,” the streamer tweeted.

Accuracy and in-game skills will seemingly be two key elements to success in VALORANT. Each agent has a set of skills and mechanics that can range from resurrecting killed enemies to throwing lethal knives and the game relies heavily on character abilities. XQc seems to think that the so-called “washed up ‘pros’” won’t like the added mechanics.

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VALORANT was formerly announced by Riot Games under the working title of Project A and drew attention from the gaming community. The buzz grew in size after Riot revealed the first details on the game yesterday, including a look at parts of a match. The result feels like the lovechild of CS:GO and Overwatch and several prominent FPS figures have jumped the gun and declared their interest in becoming VALORANT pros.

XQc was recently banned from Twitch after playing a game that contained nudity. It’s his second ban on the platform, but his short-lived timeout should end on March 4.