Will there be a new map in Episode 4 Act 2 of VALORANT?

You'll have to wait a while for another map.

Image via Riot Games

New VALORANT maps are always a fun addition since they give players a new battlefield to master and explore. Teams must adapt to the new environment to win, keeping the game fresh and exciting.

Players typically get a couple of new maps each year and many are wondering if Episode Four Act Two will include a new location. Act Two won’t have a new map or agent but will include a lot of new content that players will enjoy. 

VALORANT dev team lead Anna Donlon confirmed there won’t be a new map or agent in Act Two in the latest Dev Diaries video. This might be disappointing to some players, but there will still be several exciting updates. 

Act Two will focus on improving the “overall health” of VALORANT. Players can expect agent balance changes, adjustments to existing maps, and “promoting good player behavior.” The ranked playlist will also receive improvements to make it a better experience. 

Fracture is the newest map in VALORANT and has had a mixed response from the player base. Its unique design is controversial and many fans hope the next map is similar to other maps in the game. A new map isn’t coming next act, so try to enjoy Fracture for the time being. 

The new act will also feature the first community battle pass and new skins. A new agent will join the roster in Act Three. The upcoming updates should be more than enough to satisfy your need for new content in the meantime.