Where is VCT Champions 2021 held?

VALORANT's end-of-year event is fast approaching.

Image via Riot Games

VCT Champions is heading to Europe.

Riot initially intended to host each of the VCT’s international events in different regions. But with COVID-19 related complications increasing throughout the year, the organizers had to make the tough decision to “re-evaluate.”

In the end, Riot’s goal was to “find and secure locations that would allow the greatest likelihood for qualified teams to attend [Champions],” according to a statement in September

Rumors indicated that Riot originally planned to host the end-of-year event in Los Angeles, backed up by a still of an image found in VALORANT’s WATCH // Year One Anthem video in June. A poster with the words “Champions” and “Angeles” hinted at North America. 

But a return to Berlin was the most sensible option, having successfully hosted VCT Masters Berlin in the audienceless Verti Music Hall in September. 

“European travel policies are the most favorable for bringing players from the participating VCT regions together, which presents the best pathway to produce a Champions event where all qualified teams can attend,” Riot said

“Our priorities are to create a safe and globally inclusive event that fans all over the world can enjoy,” Riot added

Running from Dec. 1 to 12, Champions will feature 16 teams, 12 that qualify off the back of their performance during the regular season and four from the Last Chance Qualifiers.

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