When is VALORANT’s new agent Astra releasing?

The stars are aligning on the battlefield.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready to harness the energy of the cosmos with VALORANT‘s newest controller, Astra. The upcoming agent arrives with a new style of kit that can bend the battlefield to her will with a collection of abilities that will make your enemies see stars.

But when is Astra coming to live servers? According to Riot Games, she’ll be releasing next week on Tuesday, March 2. She’ll be dropping alongside the game’s new battle pass, bringing a ton of new weapon skins and gun buddies for players to choose from.

Many content creators who have tested the agent have already said she is a gamechanger and is one of the most “mind blowing” characters to date. Her unique Astral Form allows her to place down stars around the map with precision, which are then changed to one of her many abilities.

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As one of the few controller agents in the game, Astra sits as one of the tougher characters to master. But she also has some of the highest potential in a great team environment. If you want to get to work on your skills with the stars, jump into VALORANT next week.

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