When does Pearl release in VALORANT?

Cue the singing lobsters.

Image via Riot Games

A new VALORANT map is just around the corner, featuring a new, watery world for players to explore.

Recently, VALORANT has made multiple references to its newest setting, with pictures and videos of an underwater city permeating the game’s social accounts.

The city features significant Portuguese influence, and the map appears to be set in the midst of a celebration, which is most likely the Dia do Santuário advertised in the numerous posters. Of course, that’s nothing compared to the main feature of the new setting, which looks to be in something of a reverse aquarium, with buildings and statues settled comfortably beneath the waves.

On June 16, Riot officially announced the name of VALORANT‘s newest map, Pearl.

The announcement and reveal trailer came on the heels of leaked gameplay footage. The leaks featured the new map in action, as well as new cosmetics that will likely enter the game with Episode Five. The timing of the official trailer release seemed to indicate that the leaks themselves were accurate.

With all these teasers, announcements, and the impending introduction of Episode Five, players mostly have one question on their minds: when does the new map come out?

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Here’s everything we know about Pearl and its release.

When does Pearl release in VALORANT?

Pearl will release alongside Episode Five on June 22.

With the new map releasing next week, VALORANT will also take the step of removing a map from the competitive and unranked rotation. Split will go away for a time but will return at some point in the future, according to Riot.

Amidst the news of Pearl and Episode Five’s release, the realization that Episode Four, Act 3 is coming to an end on June 21 hit many players. It’s probably best to finish the current battle pass if you haven’t yet. There are new rewards and places to explore right around the corner—or under the surface.