Everything we know about VALORANT’s new underwater map

The new map is almost here.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has been teasing the eighth VALORANT map for a few weeks, dropping cryptic hints on social media. A leak also aligned with the teasers, giving fans a good indication that the new map will take place in a city covered by a geodome, potentially underwater.

Keeping track of all of the details for the new VALORANT map can be confusing, so here is a breakdown of everything we know about VALORANT’s new underwater map. 

Before looking at the leak, let’s examine the official teasers from Riot. The most recent teaser shows a poster on a street full of confetti and lights, seemingly taking place during a celebration or parade.

A previous teaser showed the same poster with the phrase “Dia Do Santuario,” Portuguese for “Shrine Day.” Both views of the posters show a city that appears to be underwater, and the title for the first teaser is “Prepare to dive.”

A developer blog also told fans that clues for the eighth map could be found in the Fracture emails, indicating the next map will be in an underwater geodome. One of the emails between Ruben Pontes and his niece Aurora confirms that she lives in a city covered by a geodome and is excited to potentially open the dome for her soccer matches. The Portuguese in the teaser might indicate that the new map will take place in Brazil in a city beneath the sea or near the coastline with a geodome to protect it depending on the tide. 

VALORANT data miner Floxayyy recently revealed the codename for the upcoming map is Pitt, aligning with the information about it being in a dome. Very little other information besides the codename has leaked about the upcoming map, although that will likely change as we get closer to its release date. 

VALORANT’s eighth map is most likely coming in Episode Four, Act Three. The current battle pass ends on June 21, and Act Three and the new map will likely appear the next day.