What is Squad Boost in VALORANT?

Use Squad Boost to gain extra XP.

Image via Riot Games

After an exciting first year of VALORANT, Riot Games has introduced several Year One events and features to give back to fans and celebrate. One of these features is Squad Boost, which grants XP bonuses for players playing with their friends from June 22 until July 26. 

Squad Boost grants XP bonuses based on the size of your queue, and the more players you queue with, the bigger the bonus is. A two-player queue will receive eight percent extra XP, and a group of three will get a 12 percent boost. A group of four players will receive 16 percent, and a full five-stack will receive a 20 boost.

The XP boost is active across all VALORANT game modes except custom games, which gives players several ways to earn extra XP. This is an excellent way to grind through the battle pass faster while having fun with friends. 

Riot Games also revealed a new account-leveling feature that will be introduced on June 22, but it is unclear if Squad Boost will help players level up their accounts faster. 

Players can also enjoy the YR1 event pass, the WWFest experimental music and art festival, and the Community battle pass, which are all part of the Year One events. Fans can also check out the new items in their Night Market and vote to decide which items will be included in the Give Back bundle. 

Just remember the Squad Boost bonus will only be available from June 22 until July 26, so take advantage of it while you can. 

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