VALORANT’s ninth agent, Breach, confirmed along with his abilities

Breach will have players shaking in their boots.

Screengrab via Riot Games

VALORANT fans eager to learn more about the red-haired, robotic-armed agent are in luck.

100 Thieves content creator Classify gave fans a first look at all of VALORANT’s legendary characters, including Breach. The streamer showed off all of the earthquake-themed abilities in today’s now-removed video.

Screengrab via YouTube

Breach’s Aftershock ability (V) is a fusion charge that can only be activated when fired at a wall. The blast will deal “heavy damage” to those caught in the area, ideal for taking out enemies that you can’t see.

Screengrab via YouTube

The agent’s Flashpoint ability (X) has to similarly be used on a wall, detonating on the other side of it and blinding all players who look at it. Classify explained that the ability would be ideal in a Search and Destroy mode since you can blind players on the other side of the wall who might be guarding a location.

Screengrab via YouTube

Breach’s last two abilities are powerful seismic blasts that are great zoning tools and can devastate grouped-up enemies. Fault Line (C) releases a quake that “dazes” all players caught in the zone. And the longer you hold the fire button, the farther it travels. The agent’s final ability, Rolling Thunder (Q), fires a “cascading quake” in a large cone that dazes and knocks up anyone caught in it.

Several playtesters who tried out the game told Dot Esports that Breach was one of the most powerful agents in the game—and now we see why. The agent has the ability to zone entire teams, take out lanes, and provide plenty of crowd control for overtaking opponents.

VALORANT’s closed beta launches April 7. To acquire a key, fans can tune in to select VALORANT streams on Twitch for an opportunity to get early access.