VALORANT’s new supernatural Spline Collection includes skins for the Spectre, Operator, Phantom, Classic, and melee

They should hit the store tomorrow.

Image via Riot Games

Get your wallets ready, VALORANT fans. New skins are coming.

Today’s VALORANT Patch 1.07 gave players a first look at the Spline Collection, which includes skins for the Spectre, Operator, Phantom, Classic pistol, and melee weapon. The skins will likely hit the store tomorrow when the Nebula Collection sale finishes.

The Spline skins blend dark black metallic curves with bright ice-blue lights. The collection’s supernatural aesthetic looks like weapons created by an alien life force.

The new collection falls into the Premium edition price tier, which means weapon skins will likely cost 1,775 VP. Purchasing the melee weapon will likely be pricier, though.

Screengrab via Riot Games

VALORANT players can also upgrade the Spline skins using Radianite, offering a set of color variants. But there will be no finishers, VFX updates, or upgraded animations.