VALORANT’s Deathmatch mode gets several updates in Patch 1.10, including increased player count and removal of periodic location pulse

Thank you, Riot.

Image via Riot Games

Warming up in VALORANT is about to get a whole lot better.

Riot has made several much-needed improvements to VALORANT‘s Deathmatch mode, according to today’s Patch 1.10 notes. These changes should quell the majority of fans’ complaints. The free-for-all mode’s player count, match length, and XP granted is increasing, as well as a few more quality of life changes.

Riot is increasing the player count from 10 to 14, which should limit any dead time spent looking for a target. To compensate for the extra players, the devs have tweaked the spawning algorithm to consistently give safer spawns. And the periodic location pulse was removed, aside from a brief UAV when you respawn.

“Now that there are 14 players on the map, the pulse feels completely unnecessary,” according to the patch notes. “We’re keeping a single pulse for players right when they respawn so that they can help get their bearings and find a quick fight without getting caught off guard.”

Players will now have to snag 40 frags for the match to end, upped from 30, which should increase match duration. And your weapon will now instantly fully reload upon getting a kill, giving you no downtime in between kills. The Ares and Odin will only get 30 bullets back, however.

And the measly 500 XP players were awarded for a Deathmatch game is being bumped up to 900 XP.

The Act III patch should go live in NA, LATAM, and BR between 11am and 12pm CT, followed by the other regions.