VALORANT teasers for new agent have been spotted in Turkey

Another cryptic teaser has appeared.

Image via Riot Games

Turkish VALORANT fans have spotted new posters hinting at the game’s upcoming agent, matching the theme of recent social media teasers and in-game changes. 

New physical advertisements for the next VALORANT agent have appeared in Turkey, further hinting at the new character’s abilities and how they’re always watching the other agents. As reported by Cynprel, the advertisements include the text “Çok Yakında,” which translates to “very soon” or “very close.” While this advertisement doesn’t reveal any groundbreaking information on the new agent, it does align with other teasers and changes. 

Fans have received several cryptic hints about the new agent’s abilities, backstory, and interaction with other characters throughout the last few weeks. Patch 4.07 introduced significant changes to the Shooting Range, adding Cypher’s office, including a long recording of multiple agents locating and capturing the rogue radiant. 

A new jail cell also appeared near Brimstone’s office in the basement and a strange debuff occurs when players enter the office. Spooky sounds can be heard around the range as well, adding a terrifying layer of mystery to the new agent. 

A recent teaser on Twitter showed Cypher stuck in a hellish red room with dozens of monitors with eyes on the screens facing him, scrutinizing the character that usually remains in the shadows. The same red background and black swirling goo appear on the poster, and players will likely see an ability with the same traits in-game soon. 

Riot Games hasn’t officially revealed when the new character will appear in-game, but they’re most likely coming next act.

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