VALORANT players reporting game-breaking bug that gives KAY/O over 800 health

He's unstoppable.

Screengrab via Riot Games

When Riot Games said KAY/O was a Radiant killer, it wasn’t kidding.

Several VALORANT players have pointed out a game-breaking KAY/O bug that’s likely caused by his ultimate, granting the killer robot upward of 800 health. With many of these reports coming last night, the KAY/O bug may be tied to yesterday’s Patch 3.01.

In one video posted last night, a player fired their Vandal at the opposing KAY/O and hit them six times for 474 damage, including two headshots. But the robot channeled their inner-Terminator to survive the gunfight and take out the confused player.

Other players using KAY/O showed their perspective of the bug, which grants them over 800 health in addition to the 100 base HP and 50 shield. KAY/O’s NULL/cmd ultimate appears to be the culprit, which allows the killer robot to be knocked down after taking fatal damage. Allies can revive KAY/O after he’s dropped and the agent is granted a large amount of health while he’s incapacitated.

It seems like the bug grants KAY/O the massive health boost after he takes fatal damage, but it doesn’t start the knockdown animation. This is even more problematic with the robot making its competitive debut in VCT Korea, potentially causing a huge issue for the pro scene moving forward.

If this bug continues to adversely affect competitive matchmaking, Riot will likely disable KAY/O until he’s hotfixed.

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