KAY/O makes competitive debut in VCT Korea

KAY/O has finally arrived.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT fans finally got to see KAY/O, the game’s new killer robot, in action during a VALORANT Champions Tour Korea Stage Three match between DAMWON Gaming and GOMA.

KAY/O is the new initiator that can suppress enemy abilities to help his team take and hold sites. He can also flash in with his FLASH/drive ability or deliver significant damage with his FRAG/ment ability. 

Many fans were excited for KAY/O to make his competitive debut in a professional match and he finally made an appearance in a Korean VCT series earlier today. GOMA’s Bangnan selected KAY/O in the second map of their match against DAMWON on Bind. GMG won the first map and were ready to close out the series 2-0—and KAY/O helped secure their victory. 

Bangnan finished the map 21-17 and was only one kill behind SeliG, who ended up with 22 kills. He achieved a 198.3 average damage rating per round and killed two enemies in a round four times. He also managed to pull off three kills in the 14th round, although DWG still won the round. 

It’s still too early to confirm if KAY/O will become a significant agent in the VALORANT meta, but his abilities make him a powerful choice in the right hands. Teams will likely continue experimenting with his suppression abilities and fans will probably see more teams use KAY/O in upcoming matches. 

KAY/O isn’t available in competitive VALORANT’s Western regions yet, so fans will have to keep an eye on the Asian regions for now.

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