VALORANT players encounter KAY/O bug that lets you see an enemy’s position through walls

Riot is investigating the issue.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s Episode Three is off to a good start, introducing tons of new content and balance changes. But it seems like the killer robot KAY/O has brought a game-breaking glitch with him.

One player reported a KAY/O bug yesterday that lets you see an enemy’s position through walls when they’re suppressed. VALORANT game designer Ryan Cousart commented on the post, explaining that the devs will investigate the issue and try to “get a fix in.”

When an opponent is suppressed by KAY/O’s ZERO/point or NULL/cmd ultimate, a triangle hovers on the enemy to indicate that they can’t use abilities. The player was able to see the indicator through a wall, giving them the intel needed to wall bang the enemy and snag a kill.

Commentator and analyst Mitch “MitchMan” McBride posted a similar clip on Twitter this morning, suppressing an enemy Sova and seeing the triangle indicator through a wall. This allowed MitchMan to shoot their opponent through a wall.

While the triangle indicator bug is unique to KAY/O, MitchMan was also able to see another opponent through Bind’s Tube even when they weren’t suppressed. This issue seemingly began with Episode Three’s Patch 3.0 and adversely affects competitive matchmaking.

It’s unclear exactly what’s causing the bug, but Riot will likely patch it out in a hotfix.

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