VALORANT players discover new Cypher one-way smoke on Split

Fans have found another way to defend B site.

Image via Riot Games

The latest VALORANT patch introduced several changes to Split intended to make it easier for attackers to push and take sites. Players have already found new ways to defend sites, however, including a new Cypher one-way smoke.

Cypher’s Cyber Cage is a powerful ability that covers an area and makes an audio queue when enemies walk through the cage. Cypher can throw his Cyber Cage and activate it from a distance as needed, which is perfect for holding sites. Players found a new spot on Split where Cypher can place his Cyber Cage to create a one-way smoke in B main. 

The recent update added a small box in the corner of B site on Split that players can use to cover B main. The box also allows players to reach a higher crate in the corner, and Cypher can use this spot to throw his Cyber Cage directly above the entrance. 

Cypher must bounce the Cyber Cage off an awning, and it will land on a small ledge above the B main entrance. This location creates a one-way smoke when activated, which means defenders can shoot at attackers without being seen. Players can retreat deeper into the site and activate the cage and pick off enemies before they can push into the area. 

VALORANT players have found multiple new ways to protect B site on Split, including several one-way Sage walls that are devastating when used correctly. Combing the walls with the new Cyber one-way smoke can make it difficult for teams to take B site, even though the latest update was supposed to make it slightly easier. 

Riot Games will likely monitor how the changes work on Split and make further adjustments if the map is still unbalanced. Cypher players should use this spot to their advantage in the meantime.