VALORANT players discover Jett’s Dash can cause rubberband effect while in Cypher’s Trapwire

Technically, it didn't break.

Image via Riot Games

One of the biggest changes rolled out with VALORANT Episode Three earlier this week was that Jett could no longer dash through Cypher’s Trapwire. According to a few highlights clips, that might not be entirely true.

A Jett player showed off their perspective in a clip as they were forced into a one vs. one situation. Jett then winded up setting off Cypher’s Trapwire when moving in to defuse the spike.

When stuck from the power of the ability, Jett was still able to dash away before being rubber-banded back to her position. In this short time, the player was able to eliminate Cypher and win the round.

Both players involved in the bug posted their own perspectives separately, letting others see just how strange the interaction looked. The Cypher walked up confidently after trapping Jett, but was caught off-guard when Jett managed to dash out and thus paid with his life.

While Jett didn’t destroy the trap as she could prior to the Episode Three patch, having the character thrown around in that is a disadvantage for Cypher players. With audio cues being so important in this game, Cyphers can easily get misled by the sound their triggered traps and be unaware should an opposing Jett pull this trick.

Just two days into the new Episode, it’s likely Riot will roll out a new patch soon to prevent Jett’s wily mobility from becoming even more of an issue.

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