Jett’s Dash will potentially no longer break through Cypher’s Trapwire in VALORANT Episode 3

Cypher players everywhere should be excited.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can likely expect massive changes in Episode Three, including a nerf to Jett that prevents her from dashing through Cypher’s Trapwire. 

Episode Three will introduce significant changes to VALORANT that will impact the way players approach each round. An early access test build gave players their first look at KAY/O, the new sentinel that will likely shake up the competitive meta. The test build also featured changes to the cost of weapons, making them more affordable in most cases. 

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In addition, players discovered several changes with agent abilities that significantly change the in-game economy and how players need to budget. Some agent abilities were also slightly nerfed, including Jett’s Dash ability. 

Dot Esports confirmed in the test build that Jett can no longer Dash through Cypher’s Trapwire, which prevents her from quickly destroying the ability and opening a path for teammates. This also serves as a slight buff to Cypher since he can now hold an area more effectively. 

Jett is one of the best duelists in VALORANT and is often overwhelming for defenders. But Jett players will need to adapt to this change and the price increases of her Cloudburst and Updraft abilities. Her Blade Storm ult also increased in price from six to seven ult orbs in the test build, making it harder to use her devastating ability. 

These changes are only available right now in the early access test build and can still be adjusted by Riot Games. Don’t be surprised if these updates go live in Episode Three on June 22, however. 

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