VALORANT players can copy crosshairs and add custom colors in Patch 5.04

Fine tune your crosshair with a full suite of new settings.

Image via Riot Games

The release of VALORANT Patch 5.04 is all about expanding the features of the game’s crosshair creation system, with players now able to directly copy crosshairs they spectate in-game, apply custom colors, and customize individual crosshair lines.

Players can now apply any color they want to their crosshair, using a six-digit hex code they implement in the Crosshair section of their in-game settings menu. There are literally millions of hex codes that can be used now, allowing the player to apply millions of different shades of color until they find the right one.

This custom color will also be applied to the shareable crosshair code.

On the mention of copying codes, a new feature has also been added that allows players to copy the crosshair settings directly from a player they are spectating in-game. Players can copy another player’s crosshair settings by typing either “/crosshair copy” or “/cc” into chat while spectating a specific player.

This will save that player’s crosshair as a new VALORANT profile; additionally, the number of available crosshair profiles per account has increased from 10 to 15.

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For the true customized crosshair connoisseur, the ability to independently tune and adjust the individual lines on a crosshair has also now been added. Players can adjust the individual lengths of any line on their crosshair and can make their horizontal and or vertical lines longer or shorter to their preference. Players can the “middle chain” icon in their crosshair settings before they start adjusting the sliders for the crosshair lines.

These quality of life improvements should blow the doors on VALORANT crosshair customization wide open. Now you have no excuse to miss shots.