VALORANT players beg for ranked reset as poor matchmaking sticks Bronze with Ascendant

This is beyond unfair.

VALORANT Reyna holding eye flash and Killjoy sitting next to a box
Image via Riot Games

Low-ranked solo queuers are being placed against some of the highest ranks in VALORANT. Lobbies packed with varying ranks have been discovered this week, and it’s safe to say it’s not remotely fair. 

Players as low as Bronze are being placed with Ascedants in their lobby, with the leaderboard looking exactly as you’d expect. This has spurred on cries for an MMR reset via a Sept. 17 Reddit thread.

One particular match had five different classes of rank on one team, with the two highest ranks being queued together. Not only that but every single other player was a solo queue.

The Ascendant player topped the leaderboard, smashing everyone with ease—no surprises there. This got the ball rolling, eventually pushing players to beg Riot Games for rank-based changes. 

VALORANT players claim an MMR reset might be the key to getting ranks back on track. This would mean players could change ranks dramatically, likely upsetting a portion of the community, but potentially solving a problem in the process.

The community also suggested revealing players’ hidden MMR ranking. VALORANT currently has an RR and MMR system, where players can only see the former. The latter is your own personal rank, which no other player can have at the same time

Both your MMR and RR are taken into account when being placed in matched, which is likely a part of the reason why such a match occurred.

This matchup brings a collection of different attitudes, according to players. A relaxed Bronze mentality might not pair well with an Ascendant trying to reach the highest rank in VALORANT

Players called the current system “broken,” and it seems they believe it’s time Riot takes a look at why this is happening in the first place. If this keeps happening, lower ranks are bound to get absolutely destroyed by the top-tier players in the scene.

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