VALORANT players are asking Riot to nerf Reyna’s “broken” Leer ability

All the upside with none of the downside.

Image via Riot Games

It’s only been a week since the official release of VALORANT, which means that players have had some time to learn the newest agent on the roster, Reyna. But many people have a few complaints about the character. For example, she might have one of the strongest non-ultimate abilities in the game: Leer.

Leer gives Reyna and her team unlimited upside with almost no downside to the ability. In comparison, take Phoenix’s flashbang ability. Players must angle it properly around a corner and he can also flash his own teammates if he isn’t careful with its timing.

Reyna’s Leer, on the other hand, doesn’t have those problems. The nearsight orb doesn’t affect her or her allies, she can throw it through walls, and you can’t just look away to avoid it. As a result, it’s one of the safest and strongest tools to have in the game.

There isn’t any risk to using the ability, which is why many people are asking Riot for nerfs. Every other ability similar to Leer can be successfully countered in some sort of way and has an adverse effect on the player or their team if used improperly.

A nerf in the right direction could be removing the ability to launch the orb through walls. This way, Reyna will still need to risk herself and her position to throw her orb into the open.

Riot could also experiment with reducing the orb’s health. One player theorized that the ability has around 100 health points. If the orb could be destroyed a bit quicker, there would be a bit more counterplay, especially when defending.