VALORANT player theorizes that Reyna’s Leer has about 100 health

Shoot the eye.

Image via Riot Games

One VALORANT player created an experiment to determine how much health Reyna’s Leer has, posting their findings today.

After a lot of testing, the savvy fan believes that it takes approximately 100 damage to destroy the evil eye.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The player’s quest began when Googling the answer yielded conflicting results. So they jumped into a custom game and tried shooting the eye with different weapons. The player discovered that four Ghost bullets at close range destroyed it, as well as one Marshall shot and two Sheriff shots from long range.

To narrow it down even further, the fan played Spike Rush and used the damage boost orb for more precise numbers. By boosting the Ghost damage by 30 percent, it took four long-range bullets. Three bullets at 97.5 damage wasn’t enough.

While the exact amount is unclear, the player believes it lands between 97.5 and 100 health.

The player also discovered that three Phantom and Vandal shots, one Operator shot, and four to five Spectre shots (depending on range) will destroy the eye.

Reyna’s Leer has proven to be a difficult skill to deal with. Players have to choose between taking cover or shooting the eye before they can focus their attention on the enemy.

It’s unclear if Riot has any plans to nerf Reyna or Leer before VALORANT’s competitive mode goes live.