VALORANT player pulls off quick ace with Sova ultimate

The enemies fell right into position.

Image via Riot Games

There have been some wild aces shared by VALORANT players lately, and in a recent clip shared to Reddit, the stars aligned for a Sova player to pull off a perfect ace with their ultimate.

Sova’s Hunter’s Fury is one of the most useful in the game as it allows a player to fire charged arrows through walls at targets who may be out of sight. In some situations, this can force players to leave cover. But in other cases, like this clip, leave them no choice but to absorb the damage.

While playing a match on Ascent, Sova had gone to the middle of the map on defense, where they were looking to see if the enemy had crossed to B. When they weren’t seen by the player and were spotted heading to A site, they quickly turned around and blasted Hunter’s Fury through the wall down the long alley to the site.

Given there weren’t many places for the enemies to escape, the first shot confirmed their location before the subsequent shots took down all five players, securing Sova an ace only 15 seconds into the round.

While it may have been some luck, if you’re a Sova main you’re going to want to strive to achieve a highlight-reel play like this.