VALORANT player pulls off 4-second Ace

It may be one of the fastest Aces ever.

Image via Riot Games

Since VALORANT launched, there have been plenty of aces pulled off. But one VALORANT player may have pulled off the best of them all with an extremely aggressive and impressive Raze play.

Posted to the VALORANT subreddit, Raze was on defense on Ascent when they took B-site with some major aggression. As the round began, this player set the final preparations for what could be the fastest ace in VALORANT history.

Using two Blast Packs, Raze quickly boosted around the corners into the garage area of the map before launching the Showstopper to take out all five of the enemy players. This sequence took just four seconds.

Skeptics have been criticizing the player for potentially smurfing in ranked to pull this off against lesser skilled players, but that doesn’t take away from the perfect movement and positioning to eliminate all the players in a single blow.

For Raze players, this may be a tough one to emulate since the blueprint is now there to get some quick kills when defending on Ascent.