VALORANT player now owns every weapon skin after paying over $4,000

That's a lot of credits.

Image via Riot Games

Hobbies can be expensive, especially if you’re a completionist.

Most VALORANT players probably have a small to medium-sized collection of weapon skins. But for one streamer, that’s just not enough. A Twitch streamer has completed his task of buying every weapon skin in the game

Arcticsoldier_1 recently shared a screengrab of his Store page to his Twitter account with the caption “IT HAS BEEN DONE.” Typically after an offer from the Store has been purchased, the item is grayed out. But for Arcticsoldier_1, there are no new items to purchase and the slots read “Thank You For Supporting VALORANT!”

Amidst the replies of people asking to buy his account or asking him to buy skins for them, a few have asked how much this process cost. He estimates that it cost around $4,400. That’s every Classic skin, every gun buddy, every melee skin, and every collection.

Now he’ll have to wait until the next collection arrives to keep his skin completion rate at 100 percent. The next wave of cosmetics should be the community-inspired bundle, which you can vote on right now through June 25.

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