Voting for VALORANT’s community-inspired cosmetics is now live in NA and OCE until June 25, includes ‘Sheesh’ spray


Image via Riot Games

Let the voting begin.

As part of VALORANT‘s one-year celebration, Riot is launching a community-powered battle pass slated to go live in Episode Four. While the cosmetics won’t be released for a while, players in NA and OCE can vote for their regional community-inspired spray, gun buddy, and game title ideas starting today through June 25. While it was initially unavailable following Riot’s announcement, players can now vote directly from the client’s announcement tile.

The potential cosmetics include the Ice in my Veins, 900 IQ Astra, and Sheesh sprays, playing off of VALORANT‘s biggest memes. While it’s still an early concept, the Sheesh spray, featuring Yoru, would be one of the more entertaining options if it also played an audio cue like the Make Some Noise spray. In addition, players can also vote between a Gold Grill, Go Brrr!, and Burrito gun buddy concept, which would all make perfect companions on the battlefield. As for potential titles, players have a choice between Built Different, Ice in my Veins, and Galaxy Brain.

The community battle pass will run locally for every region and feature different cosmetics based on their respective communities. The top vote earners from each region will appear in the future Episode Four battle pass.

Riot did include a disclaimer that there’s “no guarantee” that the items will be produced and that they’re “solely concepts.”

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