VALORANT player highlights how to jump on top of the box in mid on Split

Surprise your opponents with this move in your next match.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player discovered a way to jump on top of the box in mid on Split by releasing the crouch button in the air. 

Players have found several ways to get on top of objects in VALORANT. Some players use agent abilities to reach higher positions, while others have figured out how to boost teammates. A new technique, though, allows players to get on top of the box in Mid Top on Split without using abilities or a teammate. 

To reach the top of the box, players must jump toward it while holding the crouch button. They must release the crouch button just as they hit the box and they’ll land on top of the box if done correctly. 

The technique can also be used to get on top of the box in the C site on Haven, although this is a more challenging spot to reach. But with practice, players can get on both objects with ease and surprise enemies in the new position. 

Climbing the box in Split can be useful when an ability blocks the path into B Heaven or Ropes or if players want to engage the enemy from a different angle. 

Players should experiment with their crouch key to find the perfect control layout and make reaching these areas easier. Some players bind the crouch key to a mouse button, but this is a personal preference. 

Reaching the top of each object will take practice to master, so don’t get frustrated if you can’t do it immediately. 

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