VALORANT player explains how to boost over Sage wall

Players have found a way to boost over the wall.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently explained how to boost a teammate over Sage’s wall by standing in a corner and crouching. 

Sage’s wall is an excellent deterrent that can block a path and stall an advancing enemy team in its tracks. Players can destroy the wall, but this notifies the other team of their movements, which is not ideal. 

But a VALORANT player has found a way to boost a teammate over the wall without alerting the enemy Sage. The boost is relatively simple but can be tricky to master. The player being boosted needs to stand in a corner next to the Sage wall. The other player needs to stand directly beside them, crouch, and press either A or D while holding W to move toward them.

The player being boosted needs to crouch jump and land on the other player’s shoulder and then jump again to get on top of the wall. If done correctly, the player will be on top of Sage’s wall and can surprise their enemies. 

This is similar to another method used to boost teammates on top of objects. Both maneuvers require players to be in a corner and for the other player to hold their movement keys.

It’s unclear if either method was an intended design, but players should take advantage of them while they’re available. Sage players should also be extra careful when placing their walls. 

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