VALORANT player discovers unusual Viper boost

“I am speed.”

Screengrab via Riot Games

The element of surprise is one of the best advantages to have against your opponents in VALORANT. Hitting your opponents with the unexpected should give you the upper hand while climbing the game’s ranks.

A VALORANT fan recently shared an unusual way of boosting up allies and allowing them to glide in the air.

Toxic Screen, which allows Viper to deploy a long line of gas emitters, is commonly used to close out angles and secure pushes to bombsites. But this fan’s video shows that the ability can also be used as a mobility tool when needed.

To pull off the trick, Viper waited for her allied Sage to finish a complete jump. As Sage started moving down, Viper shot her Toxic Screen and Sage landed on top of the projectile and was blasted upwards to the other side of the map.

The second part of the clip featured Jett. The duo used her Updraft ability, which propels Jett high into the air, to gain even more height. Viper applied the same formula and used her Toxic Screen just as Jett started landing. Jett instantly got boosted to the bombsite C in Haven.

While it seems to be difficult to pick-off any enemies mid-air due to how fast Toxic Screen’s projectile moves, it could certainly be effective to launch a member of your team to a heavily guarded bombsite to distract opponents. 

The trick also has a lot of room for improvement since there are other abilities in VALORANT that cut the ground from players’ feet. Three agents featured in the clip, Viper, Sage, and Jett, have the ability to take it to the next level. Jett could get on top of Sage’s Barrier Orb and then use her Updraft while Viper follows the same routine. 

This is also not the first mobility trick that surfaced, however. Another VALORANT player shared an impressive way of using Raze’s Blast Pack to surprise opponents earlier this week. The footage showcased Raze planting her Blast Pack under her feet and blasting it after jumping towards an angle she wanted to move towards.

Both seem to be great examples of how important game knowledge is in addition to having good aim and other skills necessary to succeed in a tactical-shooter.

VALORANT is still in its closed beta, but the game’s full release is expected to happen this summer.