VALORANT player highlights 10 clever ways to use Raze’s Blast Pack

Is that a bird?

Having good aim can only get you so far in VALORANT. Knowing the basics and how agents’ abilities function is the other side of the coin if you’re planning to climb up the ranks.

A VALORANT fan recently shared a creative way of using Raze’s Blast Pack, which is essentially a sticky C4 that can be activated after reusing the ability.

The standard usage for Blast Pack until now was planting it near a bombsite or using it as a poor man’s grenade in certain situations. But this fan's video showcases how the ability can also be a movement tool. It can be abused to catch enemies off guard by sending Raze up in the air after she triggers it when she's on top of it.

The player used the trick to bypass a known chokepoint located in B Main on Split. Thanks to Blast Pack, Raze was able to fly through the chokepoint and landed on top of the peeker to secure an easy kill. The player applied the same method to instantly rush to the B bombsite after getting a pick right off spawn. They showed that this could also be a great tool to mess up the enemy team’s timings.

Aside from allowing you to strike from behind, the trick appeared to be useful when it comes to getting rid of snipers. The player used the trick to get on top of them on Haven and Bind. Since most snipers aim with a scope to get an easy pick at the start of a round, reacting to a Raze flying toward them was simply out of the equation.

The trick also seemed useful for peeking. Once players get cornered, their area of movement gets reduced to a point where the enemies can predict what they’ll do next. That might not apply to Raze, though. The player used a Blast Pack on a wall and blew it up as they jumped to kill an enemy who was cornering them.

Sage’s Barrier Orb wasn’t even close to being a solution since Raze was able to fly through it without a sweat. Raze players who are planning to use the trick could also give Shorty a try given that the player blasted off multiple Sages who were getting ready to pull their guns after casting Barrier Orbs.

Since it allowed Raze to jump onto Barrier Orbs, Blast Pack proved to be useful to get on top of boxes as well. Raze jumped onto boxes that allowed the player to peek unexpected angles and all their enemies could do was type “HUH?!” in chat.

Overall, the whole video proved that the biggest weapon in VALORANT is the element of surprise. There was also footage of an Omen player using Shrouded Steps to appear in the unlikeliest of places. The two agents have a lot in common when it comes to bamboozling enemies.

VALORANT’s expected to have a full release this summer.