VALORANT player discovers one-way barrier using Viper’s ultimate ability on Ascent

Beware of the one-way gas cloud.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Several VALORANT agents have received updates to make them more viable or balanced since the game’s release. Some agents such as Viper have received multiple buffs to make them more useful in team compositions. But players have recently discovered an unintentional buff to Viper’s ultimate ability that covers a portion of a bombsite with a one-way barrier.

Viper’s ultimate ability Viper’s Pit creates a giant cloud of poison gas that limits vision and slowly damages enemies who enter the gas. It is a reliable tool to use when defending a site from a retake when used effectively. The new exploit on Ascent makes Viper’s ultimate even harder to counter, however. 

A VALORANT player uploaded a clip explaining how to use Viper’s ultimate ability on A site on Ascent to create a one-way smoke covering Heaven. If lined up correctly, a glitch causes the gas to block Heaven but does not block the line of sight for players on the bombsite. It also creates a small concealed area where Viper can hide to fuel the cloud safely. 

This exploit can easily let players kill enemies in Heaven since they cannot see out of the gas. It creates a one-way barrier for a significant portion of the site and can help a team win a crucial round. 

Other players claim that the same glitch occurs on other maps when the ultimate is used in multi-level areas. Some players joked about the glitch being the latest Viper buff, but most agreed it is an issue that needs to be fixed.