VALORANT player discovers a line-up bug on Fracture

Another day, another Sova line-up.

Screengrab via Riot Games

A VALORANT player has found another spot on Fracture where Sova can fire a Recon Bolt through a small opening to highlight enemies pushing toward the A site.

Sova’s Recon Bolt can change the tempo of a round and help a team prepare for an upcoming assault. Players will painstakingly search for line-up spots every time a new map is released, including Fracture. VALORANT YouTuber TPAXTOP recently showcased two glitches on Fracture that are perfect for Sova line-ups—and now he’s discovered a third spot. 

The new spot is located near the defender’s spawn near the entrance to A site. Players can stand in a specific spot, using a triangle on the floor as an indicator. After finding the right spot, turning left, and aiming at another specific spot in an air vent, players can fire a Recon Bolt that will squeeze between a tight space. 

The Recon Bolt flies through the wall near the Satellite area, highlighting any enemies in the area. This is an excellent line-up for defenders since they can determine almost instantly if a team is pushing toward the A site or highlight any lurking enemies. Defenders on A site can prepare accordingly or rotate if no enemies are in the area.

This is likely another unintended line-up since it provides a significant advantage without much risk and it bounces through physical objects. But it’s unclear when it will be removed from the game. 

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