VALORANT player highlights 2 glitches on Fracture perfect for Sova line-ups

The walls aren't as solid as they appear.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player shared two spots on Fracture today where Sova can fire his Recon Bolt through walls to gather intel with little risk. 

Sova’s Recon Bolt can help teams prepare before pushing into an area since it highlights enemy positions for a short period of time. Most Sova players know several line-ups on each map that land in the perfect spot for intel to help their team. Players have already found useful line-ups on Fracture, the newest map in VALORANT

But VALORANT YouTuber TPAXTOP discovered two bugged spots on Fracture where Sova can fire his Recon Bolt through the wall with ease. One spot allows defenders on B site to fire an arrow through a wall that lands near the entrance to the attacker spawn. This is an excellent line-up for defenders to learn the enemy movement early in a round. 

The second spot allows attackers to fire an arrow through a wall towards B site, highlighting the area and any hiding enemies. The arrow goes through a small gap and bounces through a wall before landing back inside the map. Both line-ups do not require a fully charged shot, and players will need a bit of practice to perform the line-ups. 

These spots are clearly unintended and will likely be removed in a future map update. But they currently provide excellent intel and are easy to recreate, so Sova players should remember these spots just in case.

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