VALORANT player creates skin loadout feature

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT community has been asking for a weapon loadout system for quite some time. That request led to one tech-savvy player taking the situation into his own hands.

In a post to Reddit, GitHub user Colinhartigan showed off his latest work. He’s created a system to switch between weapon loadouts, allowing players to instantly change the skin and gun buddy attached to their weapons.

While still in development, and not an official feature from Riot Games, the system works as intended with players able to change their gun loadout between matches with ease.

This would be a helpful tool for players, alleviating the need to manually edit loadouts each time they want to spice things up. Even with a tool like this, there are limitations. Colin shared that there is currently no way to switch loadouts in-game as the choice is locked in as soon as the “match found” screen appears.

Late in June, Colin shared a skin randomizer that ultimately became a part of the skin loadout add-on that he has crafted. When this was shared, it was met with high praise by both the community and a Riot developer.

With more parts of the community rallying around the idea of skin optimization between matches, it might only be a matter of time before Riot developers choose to implement the feature.

For now, players who want to test this loadout tool for themselves can do so by visiting GitHub. Fortunately, using this loadout system and similar tools aren’t bannable offenses in the eyes of Riot. Despite this, we recommend doing so at your own risk.