VALORANT Patch 3.10, new agent Chamber now live

Enjoy the new patch.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can finally try Chamber and five stack queues across all ranks since Patch 3.10 is live. 

Chamber is the new exciting sentinel agent with an ability set designed to take the fight to the enemy. Players can use his custom heavy pistol with an ADS feature to dominate opponents or use his ultimate to summon a custom sniper rifle that’s a one-shot kill on any part of the body. Chamber can also teleport and place traps to slow enemies caught in the immediate area, making him a well-rounded agent capable of hitting outside his designated role. 

Patch 3.10 also allows players of all ranks to five stack in ranked, preventing players from needing to use a smurf account to play with their friends. But there are ranked rating (RR) adjustments to maintain the game’s competitive integrity. These adjustments depend on the highest-ranked player in a five stack and increase or decrease depending on the ranked discrepancy of the party. A full breakdown of these changes can be found in the patch notes

Four stacks have also been removed from the competitive queue since they often resulted in a “relatively poor play experience” for the solo player. Riot Games confirmed it will monitor these changes over the next few weeks and make further adjustments as needed. 

In addition, the latest patch fixes multiple bugs and issues, improving the overall VALORANT gameplay experience.

VALORANT Patch 3.10 is now live and players should receive a small update the next time they launch the game. 

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