VALORANT Patch 2.06 now live

A brief issue was quickly resolved.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 2.06 is now live, allowing players to enjoy the new updates to Viper and Yoru.

The latest patch introduces significant changes to Viper and Yoru. The buffs should make them more viable and could lead to them appearing in more team compositions.

Viper has been overlooked since Omen is considered the better controller with a more robust ability kit. But her new updates should make her a deadlier agent capable of controlling an area with ease.

Yoru should see more playing time, too, and can now compete with other duelists.

This update also nerfed the Bucky shotgun, which was overpowered and causing havoc. In addition, players can now enjoy the new HRTF audio option, which makes it easier to track enemy sounds around the map. 

Some players experienced an issue earlier today that was preventing VALORANT from loading before the patch was live. Other players were kicked mid-game and forced to log out or exit from the client. Riot Games made an announcement regarding the issue and there was also an in-game message saying that it was working on the problem. 

The error has since been resolved and players should be able to login normally.

Patch 2.06 will make its competitive debut in the VCT NA Open Qualifier this weekend and Challengers main event on April 8. Fans will get to see how the update impacts professional play and if compositions will change. 

Patch 2.06 should automatically download the next time you log in to VALORANT and players should no longer experience loading issues.

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