Here are the full notes and updates for VALORANT Patch 2.06

This update provides buffs to two agents in need, a huge nerf to a primary weapon, and more.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 2.06 is set to hit the live servers soon. The update is bringing with it a huge set of buffs for two of the game’s most underused agents and a nerf to one of its most overused weapons.

Here are the full notes for VALORANT Patch 2.06.

Viper, Yoru buffed

The primary focus of Patch 2.06 is the extensive buffs to both Viper and Yoru. The Toxin used in all of Viper’s abilities now instantly inflicts enemy players with at least 50 decay and that level increases the longer they touch it. Decay over time decreases slightly and health regen starts a second sooner when a player leaves the cloud, but the instant 50 decay is a difference-maker.

Poison Cloud can be immediately redeployed after being picked up and the pick-up distance has increased as well. But a redeployed Poison Cloud is temporary, so it won’t stay with you in the next round. An active cloud will remain for an additional two seconds after Viper dies or until she runs out of fuel. The same extra two seconds go for Toxic Screen. Snakebite’s equip time has also been decreased.

Yoru has gotten buffs as well. Blindside is quicker to activate and lasts longer. Gatecrash replenishes every 35 seconds instead of after a kill. The Gatecrash fragment lifetime increased from 20 to 30 seconds and its reveal range has decreased from seven to four meters. Additionally, his Dimensional Drift ultimate now costs six instead of seven points and Yoru can reactive Gatecrash while using it. No changes were made to Fakeout.

Bucky nerfed

The 900-credit shotgun has received a plethora of nerfs after it was a prominent fixture in force buys during the recent VCT Masters events.

The spread for its primary and alt-fire have both been decreased. Its damage curve for both primary and alt-fire has decreased in both the zero-meter to eight-meter range and the eight-meter to 12-meter range. Finally, the number of pellets in an alt-fire blast has decreased from 15 to five.

New Escalation mode variables

VALORANT’s newest game mode, the team-based deathmatch Escalation, will receive some fun new changes. When Raze’s Showstopper is equipped, players will get two Blast Pack Charges that refill when you touch the ground.

Players with the Snowball launcher now get skates, giving them increased mobility. The Big Knife now comes with a Jett Tailwind charge that refreshes on a kill.

There will also be “surprise loadout variations,” which players should keep an eye out for. These new changes should add some more fun to the already exciting game mode.

Other miscellaneous changes

Killjoy will now be able to pick up deployed Nanoswarm grenades during the buy phase and get the charge back.

In addition, you’ll be able to view a player’s Career page from the in-game leaderboard and you can hide your name on the leaderboard with an in-game toggle.

Players can also enable HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) in the audio settings. This will allow players to simulate surround sound audio while wearing headphones.

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