VALORANT lead character designer details Reyna’s abilities

This snowballing agent will be both risky and fearsome.

VALORANT‘s lead character designer Ryan “Morello” Scott revealed more information about the upcoming agent Reyna ahead of the game’s official release on June 2.

While an official list of abilities has yet to be confirmed, several Riot Games staff members shared more details on the character, and Morello also made his contribution earlier today.

“Reyna has the potential to pop-off like no one else, avoiding being traded on or healing so you have to beat her square-up each time,” he wrote. “If she doesn’t get kills, though, she’s BAD. Like, near-useless. You’re making a big bet picking Reyna.”

Reyna seems to be the ultimate snowballing agent. Morello revealed that she has to kill opponents to get stronger by getting their soul orbs used to get two of her abilities. Assist don’t count, however.

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When picking a soul orb, she can chose an ability that fully heals her and even stacks up to 50 points of armor when she’s at full health, or another which makes her invulnerable but “unable to shoot” for a short time.

Both abilities share the same cooldown and can only be used in a short range of time. They can’t be saved for another round, for example, but must be bought like the other abilities.

She only has a few seconds to pick up the soul orbs before they disappear, Morello added.

Killing opponents also resets her ultimate, which can be activated to “enhance her Soul Orb skills” and reduce her firing rate, reload, and recoil. It can make her deadly depending on how much her ultimate reduces those rates.

No further details were given on her blinding ability, however. Its range and duration are notably unknown.

Many players shared their concerns on her abilities, which look very strong. According to Morello, she’s the strongest, but also the riskiest duelist agent to pick over Phoenix, Jett, and Raze. “Going even with Reyna is a liability,” he wrote.

VALORANT will be released on June 2 with Reyna and a new map showed in her trailer.