Reyna’s abilities reportedly revealed for VALORANT

If reports are true, Reyna could be one of the strongest agents in VALORANT at launch.

Image via Riot Games

Thanks to some intrepid VALORANT fans and Riot Games’ senior brand manager for Spain, Portugal, and Italy, it looks like Reyna’s abilities have already been revealed. And if they’re correct, the agent has the potential to shake up the game.

Reyna’s passive ability is the most visually obvious: Whenever an enemy agent is eliminated, they leave behind a purple orb. Reyna can gather these orbs with either her Q or E ability. Using the Q will heal Reyna for three seconds, while collecting the orbs with E will make Reyna invulnerable for three seconds. You can clearly see the orbs in the short bit of gameplay used in Reyna’s reveal trailer, as well as Reyna healing herself with them.

Also in the reveal trailer, we see Reyna using her C ability, which is a blind. She casts a purple eye that remains for a short while, and blinds enemies. The page speculating on these abilities says it blinds anyone who has the eye in their field of vision, suggesting that while visually the blind looks much like Omen’s ability, it functions as a blind much more like Phoenix’s curveball.

Reyna’s ultimate is where things get more interesting. The report says the ultimate by itself can be used to decrease recharge rate, thus enabling Reyna to use skills faster, while also increasing her own fire rate, much like Brimstone’s stim beacon. But it also says that the ultimate can be combined with her E ability to make her invisible.

How will all of these abilities work in the actual game? The report isn’t very clear about that, leaving us with even more questions. If Reyna can become invisible, can she shoot while she’s invisible? Or will she have an animation coming out of invisibility, like Jett’s tailwind? How does the Overhealing mechanic work, as seen in the reveal trailer in the bottom left corner when Reyna heals herself? 

If the report is correct, however, these abilities have potential to shake up the meta established early in the beta. We’ll know for certain when the full game releases on June 2.