VALORANT Episode 3, Act 2 and new map Fracture are now live


Image via Riot Games

Cancel your plans, VALORANT fans. New content is here.

VALORANT Episode Three, Act Two is now live, introducing some balance changes, a new battle pass, and lore-enriched map Fracture. While players won’t be able to play ranked on the new map just yet, there will be a Fracture-only queue for players to familiarize themselves with its landscape.

Patch 3.05 won’t rock the boat as much as the Episode Three, Act One patch, which completely overhauled the economy system. But a few tweaks may still have an impact on the competitive meta. Killjoy’s Turret, for example, will have its slow from bullet tagging dramatically reduced from 72.5 percent to 29.5 percent. This should make the Sentinel less menacing in pistol rounds. Raze’s Boom Bot will have its price reduced from 400 to 300 but will deal less damage.

Like many of its predecessors, this act’s battle pass will feature plenty of nods to popular memes and community jokes. A new “Not Impressed” spray pays homage to the viral photo of U.S. senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) bundled up in a chair with his legs crossed, showing Viper donned in winter clothes and warm mittens. Players can also expect new skin lines, like the elegant Artisan skins, the brown Varnish skins, and the vibrant Nitro skins.

Image via Riot Games

As for Fracture, the new map offers a unique take on the typical attack-and-defend strategy. With defenders’ spawn placed in the middle of the map, flankers can come from any direction. And Fracture offers tons of tie-ins to mirrorverse lore and a potential teaser for an upcoming agent.

Players can hop into the Fracture-only queue for two weeks before it makes its way into the ranked map rotation in the next patch.

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