VALORANT data miners discover new skins and possible support for controllers

Riot has not officially revealed the new content.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 1.11 added a new agent to the game and introduced Icebox to the competitive map rotation today. Several other agents got buffs and nerfs to align them with their designated roles—and these changes have received mixed responses from the professional community.

But data miners have also found a new weapon skin bundle and possible support for controllers buried in the game’s files. 

Popular VALORANT data miner ValorLeaks posted several images today showing off the new Wasteland skins that will reportedly be available for the Vandal, Marshal, Spectre, Sheriff, and Shorty. It’s unclear how much each skin will cost and if they’ll be available in a bundle.

Riot Games recently teased the return of the Reaver collection, so fans are assuming the Wasteland skins will be released after the return of the popular skins from the VALORANT beta. 

ValorLeaks also posted lines of code that seemingly reference support for controllers in VALORANT. This is a surprise to many fans since most players prefer using a keyboard and mouse and view a controller as a subpar option.

It’s also unknown if players who use controllers would be put in the same matchmaking as everyone else or if they’d be in a separate playlist. But some players prefer a controller and may have the option to use one in VALORANT in the future. 

Riot Games hasn’t officially revealed the Wasteland skins or support for controllers. It’s unclear when the new content and options will be available in-game and there’s still a chance they could be removed or tweaked.