Riot seemingly teases the return of VALORANT’s Reaver Collection

Welcome back.

Image via Riot Games

Riot dropped a teaser today that may hint at the return of a popular VALORANT skin collection.

The VALORANT Twitter posted a purple-hued picture with the words “I’m coming back” written in various languages. The image also includes the scope seen when aiming down sight with the Reaver Vandal.

The popular Reaver Collection was one of the first bundles available for purchase during the closed beta, showing fans what VALORANT cosmetics were capable of. The collection, which includes cosmetics for the Sheriff pistol, Vandal assault rifle, Operator sniper rifle, and a melee weapon, fuse purple and gold colors and sharp edges for a futuristic look. And the weapons are upgradable using Radianite Points, giving you VFX, reload, and finisher animations.

It’s unclear when the Reaver Collection will make its return to the store. Assuming the teaser is for the beloved skin line, it’ll likely be available when the next patch goes live on Oct. 28.

And if the price remains the same, the Reaver Collection should run you 5,325 VP. Each individual skin will likely cost 1,775 VP with the exception of the melee, which will go for 3,550 VP.

VALORANT players can expect new agent Skye to debut in the upcoming patch, too. Icebox should also be making its way to ranked queues.