VALORANT and Zedd collaboration to be revealed tomorrow

Zedd is coming to VALORANT.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT and Zedd have teamed up for an in-game item that will be revealed in a “special unveiling event” on Sept. 7. 

Zedd is a world-renowned DJ, known for his love of video games and obsession with tactical shooters like VALORANT. He’s pulled off his fair share of impressive plays and fans were excited when they noticed what appeared to be a Zedd-themed melee weapon in the Year One Anthem video.

Riot Games has officially announced the VALORANT Zedd collaboration and fans will finally get to see how the DJ will be featured in-game tomorrow. The announcement says Zedd and VALORANT have teamed up to “turn up the volume on something [Riot] can’t wait to get into your hands.” This likely means a new Zedd-themed skin line is on the way, but other surprises might appear. 

The teaser also mentions a special unveiling event, which might indicate an in-game event is on the way for players to enjoy. A potential bundle could even include other Zedd-themed goodies, like player cards and gun buddies. But it’s unclear if the collaboration includes a fully-fledged weapon bundle. Fans might even see Zedd’s music appear in-game, bringing another level of entertainment to VALORANT.

The good news is fans only have to wait until tomorrow for the unveiling event to see what Zedd-themed items they can get their hands on. The VALORANT Zedd collaboration special unveiling event will occur tomorrow at 10am CT. 

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