VALORANT 5-stacks are getting out of hand as Bronze player is allowed in Immortal game

The Bronze 3 Chamber earned six kills against Immortal players.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT competitive queue five stacks have reached new levels of ridiculous as a Bronze 3 player was allowed into a game with a mixture of Immortal and Diamond players. 

Professional VALROANT player for CLG Red Han “it not han” Nguyen posted a picture of their ranked game, questioning how a Bronze player was allowed in the lobby. It not han posted the screenshot of their game to Twitter, showing their team consisted of two Immortal players and three Diamond players. On the other side, they were facing four Immortals and one lone, standout Bronze player. 

“HOW IS THERE BRONZE??????????????? RIOT?????” It not han said.

Twitter users underneath it not han’s post debated back and forth whether or not the Bronze player was actually Bronze or not. But the end, the conclusion was the existence of a Bronze player in an Immortal game was based on the work of VALORANT’s free rein on those looking to play in five-stacks. 

In November 2021, VALORANT released patch 3.10, which allowed players to five-stack in competitive regardless of ranking. This update made it so players from across all ranks could play with one another, without restrictions. The amount of Rank Rating earned through these games varied depending on the ranks of the players, as well as the players on the other team. 

The Bronze 3 Chamber on the enemy team, known as “Phuc,” made it through the game full of Immortals with six kills and 18 deaths. While triple negative is not an impressive stat by any means, most Bronze players would be more than happy with six kills against players at the rank of most pros.

The ability to have a Bronze player on the enemy team in an Immortal queue may bring questions regarding whether or not VALORANT should put a limit on the difference between the ranks when playing together.

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